Money For Nothing – FGC E-Sports Is in Desperate Need of Serious People

About three weeks ago, the FGC was hit by some big news regarding Echo Fox, one of if not the largest and most prolific E-Sports organization to host fighting game players:

“Organizational realignment.” It sure sounds nice, doesn’t it? Clinical, professional, unbiased. But don’t let the fancy wording fool you: this is an old song with new lyrics. We’ve heard it in a more dire form from Circa, we’ve heard it in video form from the weirdly hoodie-clad VP of Splyce, from EVB Gaming, The Steam Co, MadCatz (although they might be back on the come-up?), Yomi Gaming, the list goes on and on. And these are all just in the past three years! The verbiage may change, but the subtext is always very clear: it wasn’t financially feasible to keep investing in the FGC, so we’re shutting down.

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Politically Incorrect – Infiltration and Nightmare’s Cases Can (Maybe) Help the FGC Grow Up

zCW: Lots of talk about domestic violence and sexual interference

See if this scenario sounds familiar: you’re surfing social media, and it’s late, probably past 11 PM. At this hour, the only thing you expected to see are big anime boobs, shitposting, and maybe the occasional retweet of some hilarious viral video. But instead, you thumb through a bunch of different posts that all vaguely seem to hint at something bad happening, usually with a familiar name included so as to maximise intrigue. It’s past twelve now, and you’re searching for keywords in order to help find out just what the hell is going on. Finally, you find the source, only to discover that a popular figure in the gaming community that you follow has been accused of some type of shocking behavior against a woman. Whether it’s harassing a woman on Twitter, an incident of domestic violence, or maybe just good old fashioned casual misogyny, you sigh and shake your head, knowing full well you’re not getting much sleep as you do the deep dive into the discourse on this particular controversy.

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