Loose Screws – It’s Not Wrong to Question FGC Events/People

A lot of people playing fighting games for many different reasons: they may enjoy the complicated execution they require, or like the back-and-forth that can only be achieved when dancing for position, or maybe they just plain think the characters/storyline overall is cool. But to consider yourself a member of the overall fighting game community is something done because most people truly do love that communal aspect of the genre. Whether it be the local scene, finding people online, or meeting people from across the country and even the world at national tournaments, I doubt there’s anyone in the FGC who hasn’t earned at least a few longtime, if not lifetime, friends from it. Like any slice of fandom, those within it are ruthlessly loyal, and pretty quick to suss out any individual looking to harm the community or harvest their work without giving back. This is a great thing, IMO; a lot of people find solace from a tough life in this hobby, and they can recognize the traits of abusers and ne’er-do-wells because they deal with it already.

And, also like any slice of fandom, the FGC still has its problems dealing with people who try to take advantage of a community largely made up of young men and women who may not know any better. And even though there are telltale signs everytime, the FGC leadership rarely steps in if it means stepping on the toes of big money.

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