Money for Nothing – Capcom’s “Stars” Initiative Is Here, and It Sucks

So this past week, Capcom announced all the details to their 2018 Pro Tour, the nearly 12 month long tournament series that culminates in a final, 32-man event in December. And considering we’re talking about Capcom here, it’s littered with poor choices and a system dedicated to making it nearly impossible to actually compete in unless you are a constantly traveling, world class talent.

Of course, that’s exactly what they want, contrary to a lot of damage control you are going to hear in the next few weeks/months.

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Loose Screws – Communication, Killer Instinct, and the Struggle to Fight Negativity

I was browsing Twitter and I saw a long thread that was pretty eye-catching, especially as the FGC moved forward into a more corporate type of atmosphere. In the thread, HitBox Controller representative JohnXuandou argues that the reason why people get so heated and negative about people they perceive as “shills” in the FGC is really because of two reasons:

  1. The accused is not doing a very good job of reviewing how their tweets may come across to an audience
  2. The people doing the accusing aren’t really trying to understand where and how the accused may have messed up and instead have a blind, angry reaction

The point of the whole thing was that communication, as important and critical a skill as it is, is very difficult and most don’t really make the effort, and when they do, they often make human mistakes that further exacerbate the issue. I thought about that a lot, and it’s why I wanted to make this new blog post; the problem I was thinking of had a lot to do with communication, especially on social media.

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